Saturday, December 8, 2007

Please no anonymous posts!

I had to delete an anonymous post that called this site filth because it is my policy to delete unsigned anonymous posts.

I have been called worse, anonymous person, and I think you should get over it. Aren't there bigger fish for you to fry besides annoying me? Would you entertain the thought that homelessness is filth, people without access to health care is filth, war is filth and abuse of authority is filth?

The homeless guy in the condo is gone. They put garbage cans there. Still no one is living there but I think I saw one "sold" sign.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

From a posting on craigslist...

If NYC today was the same as it was in the 1980's, all these pasty white ugly ass nerdy hipsters and other outta state DORKS walking around Manhattan would be flooding the city's Intensive Care units with stab & gunshot wounds, cracked ribs, broken teeth, and other assault related injuries. But instead they're free to come here, unchallenged by anyone, to drive up our prices ($2000 STUDIO apartments??????) so abnormally that the native NY'ers are fleeing to live under the rocks that these freaks crawled out of to live here in NYC. I hope the immigrants in NYC's surrounding boroughs realize that while these nerds (disguised as hipsters) walk around their neighborhoods smiling at them like retards as if they love their culture (which they really might), they are there to crush & destroy the neighborhood they've spent decades building. To crush the small ethnic cafes and replace them with Starbucks and bars that charge $5, $10 or more for a Corona. They are there to steal their neighborhood from them. Ironic that individually, they probably move into the neighborhood because of it's character, as they started doing over 10 years ago in the Lower East Side and Alphabet City, but then as more & more follow, and the neighborhood's natives get driven out by kids armed with trust funds and over-educated dorks, the neighborhood becomes a "Little Boise" or "Little Little Rock" and loses the character that once made it what it was. Listen to me people of the outer boroughs - look at Manhattan as an example...