Thursday, September 27, 2007

Summit news...Brooklyn is NOT the new Manhattan!

The Sunset Park Summit on Sunday Sept. 23rd was a great success.
I am not sure as to the head count but I am sure it was well over a hundred. I neglected to bring home a program but the opening presentation consisted of inspiring words from the pastors of St. Michael's Catholic Church and Trinity Lutheran Church, and an awesome educational presentation on zoning by Rosten Woo, of the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Mad props to them all!!
Later on we broke up into workshops and the workshops each picked a representative to present their workshop's conclusions.
A lot of important issues were discussed, the most emphasized of which were: maintaining and expanding affordable housing, preventing the displacement of current residents, making Sunset Park a greener community, maintaining the ethnic and economic diversity of the neighborhood; and preserving the architecture and character of the neighborhood. I hope I haven't left anything out but I will post a more comprehensive report of what is going to be presented to the Community Board and City Planning in the near future.
The main message of the summit was that the area is going to be rezoned and the people of the neighborhood need to have a voice in this process. That voice was and is going to be heard.

A report from one of the various workshops. Every workshop group picked five points that they wanted the City Planning Commission to take into consideration.
One person said: "Affordable housing means affordable to the people in this community, not affordable to people who want to move here from Manhattan."


Anonymous said...

It was awesome and inspiring! Thanks for being a part of it!


Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...


YOU are the one to be thanked!! It is an honor to know you and the Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors.